Business Women Speak with what they wear, how they look, their tone of voice, and their posture in the Board Room. With everything you are, is your voice being heard?

Could your career benefit from A Voice? Business Women Speak is a place where women can learn to use their voice, their look, their wardrobe to break past the stereotypes still lingering in business. These stereotypes silence the talent and confidence of female business executives in companies big and small every day. Let's move beyond the gender curtain and use the most of our confidence and talent to be seen and heard.

Women are now over 35% of the MBA graduates yet only 7% of the Fortune 500 CEOs are women, 9% are CFOs and Corporate Boards are rarely found with female executives sitting in the Chairman's Chair. How can business women speak when we are not on the golf course, the bar or the men's room? Why does the staff start whispering every time a women executive spends hours behind closed doors with her married boss!

These are the awkward moments that stifle Business Women everyday. Which man is going to take you seriously if he can't see past your blouse open down to the 3rd button!

As women try hard to fully be a woman, they sometimes forget to be a woman and try to be a man. Who knows which is worse...?

Diane Dutton as a 27 year seasoned executive, CPA, CFO and CEO in Corporate America has seen it all and has perfected her ability to eliminate the barriers women face. Let her teach you how to speak with a voice of confidence and talent to powerfully break the final barrier of business between corporate men and corporate women. Learn how to use al these methods, to speak with a voice of authority from everything that women are and not be stifled by what women are not.

Diane Dutton brings you "A Woman's Ladder To Success" and her many programs and training and business strategy models to show Business Women they have a Voice!




Shrewd insights into the world of the female executive and how she can break the glass ceiling, without hurting herself!

Sharon K. Garner, author of the novels Sanctuary and River of Dreams




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